There is a common notion in the Technology world … Microsoft’s tech support costs a lot (many hundred dollars per call). However, once you pay that price … they will do everything possible to get to the bottom of your problem and resolve it.

I believe mine and my company’s level of customer service is at par with Microsoft’s, without the costs.

Why put in the effort without immediate financial gain?

It’s a simple truth that often gets forgotten or overrun in the mad dash towards quarterly earnings, bottomlines, board meetings, status updates and faux customer appreciation weeks. It’s the day-to-day interaction with your customers that matters. Be it in the form of support calls, your letters (marketing mails, invoices, etc), your website and even with people returning your product within the 30-day money-back period. There is no one single way to provide good customer service. There is only the over-all attitude that should be present in all employees. Not only should they be professional and intelligent and helpful but also calm, patient and selfless. And they better have a sense of humour too … for all those clients who call to ask about broken coffee cup-holders on their computers.

Everyone on the team should understand how important customer service is to the continued success of a business. Any business.
So, even if you are not in a position where you can charge the earth, you still have to deliver it.
And, luckily, if you are in a position to charge a lot for customer service, then just make sure you understand … the dollars follow your service record, not the other way round.

Each company does it in it’s own way … find out what works for your clients, and implement it companywide. There can be some simple examples in the funniest of places. The grease-truck owner down the street from my office remembers my name … and always wears a smile. In fact, some of the best customer service I ever got was from these entrepreneurial vendors. The butcher green-grocer, the baker and the candlestick maker are all popular for their always-smiling customer service.

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