Clicking on a link and then realizing that it is a PDF file …. and your computer comes to a grinding halt while Adobe’s Acrobat Reader slooooooooooowly loads up isn’t among my favourite pastimes.

Half the time, it crashes Firefox, and those few times it doesn’t … it’s takes up a good amount of system memory.

Whats someone got to do?

So I came up with this smart idea … why not a Firefox Extension, that detects when I clicked on a link to a PDF file, then give me options like:
1) Open the file using Google’s View as HTML feature
2) Save the file to disk instead of opening it
3) Open the file normally

And just before starting to write it, I decided to search … and I found this gem by Denis Remondini … PDF Download Extension

It does all the things I want to, and with a clean, simple interface.

Ohh, I don’t like PDFs on the web, we all know that. It’s a good format, but the Acrobat reader software is to blame!