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Month March 2006

HP Ipaq drought!

It really really really sucks when the base hardware required to run your software is not available at any retailers (online, in-store, HP direct). After 5 days of searching, we can say that there are no HP Ipaq 2400 series… Continue Reading →

A Library that cannot buy new books

Yes. That is the perfect description for the NJIT Library. “Due to the official budget cut, there is a freeze on buying new books” This started about a week ago and remains in effect till further notice. My extrapolation on… Continue Reading →

Judging a book …

Judging a book by it’s cover, literally, is never a good thing. I should know. Some of the best books I’ve read had nothing to do with my liking their cover. However, when presented with the NJIT new books shelf,… Continue Reading →

I once used a 14″ monochrome CRT

I once owned a 14-inch monochrome monitor (remember, CRT? Cathode Ray Tube?). It was the only one I owned. Then I forced begged my dad to let me upgrade to a HGA capable monitor. I also got the 386 computer… Continue Reading →

Surabhi’s surprise gift

By now, all you lesser mortals know how unabashedly proud I am of Surabhi’s technical skills! So, this morning, she walks into the office, grinning from ear to ear and clutching a package she just picked up … So, what… Continue Reading →

Overcrowded blog comment sections

If, like me, you read numerous popular blogs everyday, you’ll recognize overcrowded-comment-sections for what they are. Too much noise. Very little signal. Might be it’s to do with the rising popularity of blogging and the fact that more people are… Continue Reading →


Now, thats a good term for the new crop of democratic, public edited, public voted news websites. Dreditors. You know, sites like Digg, Reddit, Newsvine, Fantacular, 180 News and Gather. (thnx, KK, for the collected links) So, what is a… Continue Reading →

Internet’s middle class

Bloggers, the internet’s middle class. Vinit Bhansali bloggers middle class quote

Spamming your resume? WHY?

Someone please explain to me how SPAMMING your resume will get you a job? At best, you might get more calls telling you stop spamming. At worst, you will get no calls at all and will, instead get your name/personal… Continue Reading →

T-mobile customers get free Wifi On weekends

Now this is what I call really cool … All T-Mobile cellphone customers can get free access on T-Mobile’s 6500 Wi-Fi hotspots over the weekends. It sounds pretty easy … Once you are within range of any T-Mobile hotspot, go… Continue Reading →

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