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Month February 2006

Team works!

My friend Piet just told me about this amazing Autistic basketball player from a school in NY. His performance at the team’s final game was worthy of being put on mine and many other blogs like mine. He goes in,… Continue Reading →

Innovative Addiction

My friend, Vaibhav Mahajan recently launched Innovative Addiction in India. Quoting their website … Innovative Addiction is India’s only multi-channel retailer selling ‘gadget’s gizmo’s’ … basically all the stuff, delicately put, you don’t need… but you really, really want‘. (Emphasis… Continue Reading →

Face your Nerdy/Geeky side

I spent a lot of time over the last two weekends watching re-runs of Star Trek: Voyager (yeah, I know TNG’s better, but I had to watch what was available :-( ) This morning, Piet is speaking to someone on… Continue Reading →

My new X41 Tablet PC

I picked up my new X41 and have been working with the basic installed programs over the last 2 days. First thoughts: It is definitely from the makers of ThinkPads . The build quality is in line with the T20… Continue Reading →

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