Ok, so here I am … visiting a very dear friend at ISB, in Hyderabad … they have a wonderful campus … comparable to many others around the world (meaning … US, Europe and Australia).

However, one major glitch … they do not offer any network access features to guests.
“Official policy: Students and faculty only.”

Hey … I’m staying here as a registered guest of a current student … I don’t think I will cause much damage given the amount of tracking information you have on me … you know my name, my mobile number, my friend is a current student. I am on campus. So is he.

I can try to understand their issues with security/etc … However … the right way to tackle it is with the right firewalls in place … not banning access …

Of course I am biased in this issue … I have to resort to using a crappy Acer’s keyboard (and no pointy stick like my IBM Thinkpad) to type this blog entry … (sorry Mangu).