Arvind:: women dont like men who have to explain their jokes
Vinit:: luckily for me, i’m not hunting women anymore
Vinit:: but yes, i agree
Arvind:: yes
Arvind:: luckily for you, that is the case
Vinit:: now, lets get to your jokes and explaining them
Arvind:: i am still a stag waiting to be hunted
Vinit:: ohh, dude, this LINE is sooooo getting blogged ……….
Vinit:: “arwind is open to the right opportunity, i mean, huntress
Arvind:: whtever
Arvind:: it is a free world
Arvind:: and u run ur own blog
Arvind:: i cannot convice gwb to pull it down, so it’s all yours
Vinit:: heh, u do take the joy out of such cheap thrills
Arvind:: :)

Somebooooooody, saaaaaaave meeeeee!
[Adding Smallville theme music in the background up to you]

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