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Month January 2006

What outsourcing is all about?

Often, when I’m asked this question as an Indian in the IT industry, I cannot fully explain what outsourcing really means. Sure it’s cost savings for the company trying to outsource. However, thats like saying I read comics to get… Continue Reading →

Namaste! Aap kaise hain?

International readers to this blog have increased over the last few months! So, in response, here are a few hello’s … Konnichiwa. Ogenki desu ka ? Bonjour. Comment ├ža va ? Guten Tag. Wie geht es Ihnen? An Nyung. Gal… Continue Reading →

Scoble, Guy Kawasaki and product placements

Remember those “is to” relationships taught in school? Guy Kawasaki :: Filmloop         as Scoble :: Microsoft Smartphones For once, I actually think this kind of product placement/viral marketing is good (is placement the right word here?)… Continue Reading →

My weekend at ISB Hyderabad

I spend a great weekend at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad thanks to my pal from my GW-Basic days, Umang Kumar. He made sure all the arrangements were first class … (including calling me 50 times to book… Continue Reading →

At ISB Hyderabad … no “guest internet”

Ok, so here I am … visiting a very dear friend at ISB, in Hyderabad … they have a wonderful campus … comparable to many others around the world (meaning … US, Europe and Australia). However, one major glitch …… Continue Reading →

Intel viiv – stop the nonsense

So now everyone is going viiiiiiv, vi’iv and even viev … has someone stopped to consider this shift in intel’s strategy … having their next gen called VI [=6] IV [=4] or just plain old Intel 64. I’m sure they… Continue Reading →

Infy in the 80s

Who would have thunk … (For some details about this pic, goto Sree’s blog) Somehow, reminds me of that other pic with the founders all looking weird and hopeful … Tip o’ the 10-gallon lid to Neha from Orkut. Infosys

FOUND: Theagasorous Rex

So I’m walking down MG Road, on my way to some store … when a street book-vendor comes up to me … “Want to buy a theagasorous? Cheap … 60 rupees” Oxford Theagasorous and Diktinary, of course. Stupid

Stinkers! Aren’t we! (2 of many)

Arvind:: women dont like men who have to explain their jokes Vinit:: luckily for me, i’m not hunting women anymore Vinit:: but yes, i agree Arvind:: yes Arvind:: luckily for you, that is the case Vinit:: now, lets get to… Continue Reading →


Go ahead and egoSurf. Something to while away the day … and satisfy your ego while you are at it … My GoogleEgo … My YahooEgo … (yeah, thats 20k!!! yah! Yahoo!) My MSNEgo … (a fracking ZERO? and thats… Continue Reading →

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