Here is a smallish collection of stupid photos I’ve found on the web as I surfed along …

Circuit City FREE In-Store Pickup???

Oh, quick, lets make use of this limited time promotion, before it expires. Free in-store pickup, imagine that. My lucky day!

PCWorld, make up your mind. Snag? Boost?

Obviously Google’s search result view had a hand to play in this. Somehow.

Stupid Popup trying to look like a DOS Console

Ok, first off … a common DOS Prompt ends with a >
Second, they are trying to advertise for a free Laptop, using an image of the DOS Prompt? DOS Prompt?
Most people who know what a DOS prompt is, don’t want anything to do with it. People who don’t know what a DOS Prompt is, don’t care (obviously, the team making this popup image belongs to the latter).

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