I got to Goowy through Scoble. I looked around for a few seconds, then walked away (whats the web equivalent for this? cos thats what it was!)

Ranting about what I’ve posted previously about app screenshots and website live demos.

Notice something missing?
Where are my screenshots? How do you get me to spend 5 minutes of my life in signing up for your service … checking your features out … talking about you to the next person that IMs me … if you cannot show me a static (worst case) image of what I’m signing up for?

This is the age of the empowered web-consumer … if you want to get my attention, use the proper channels.
It’s like walking up Madison Ave on a warm summer evening … the shops all have great looking window displays. It’s a fundamental marketing ploy … call it the last-mile of marketing if you will. If I’m at your doorstep, do something to drag me into the store!

Back to Goowy …
Well, if it’s good enough, then more people will eventually talk about it … and then, I *might* try your service out. But thats the long-winded approach, don’t you think?!

Update: The closest to a screenshot they get is on their download page … thats a catch 22 … how do I get excited enough to get to the download page in the first place?
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