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Month November 2005

My 5 minute pep-talk!

Being an entrepreneur takes a heavy toll on your mental health. Everytime a customer calls, and asks to be transferred to a manager … your first thought is … “shit, what did we do wrong now?” No matter how confident… Continue Reading →

GoogleMap for your website visitors!

Notice the “Map of Site Visitors” on the side? Yup, it maps all visitors to on a simple GoogleMaps Map. Pretty nifty, eh?!! And for once, it’s SIMPLE … just 1 line of code, no user accounts to create,… Continue Reading →

Goowy Desktop: Where are the screenshots?

I got to Goowy through Scoble. I looked around for a few seconds, then walked away (whats the web equivalent for this? cos thats what it was!) Ranting about what I’ve posted previously about app screenshots and website live demos…. Continue Reading →

Techy/Geeky/Nerdy Girlfriends rock!!!

I just love the fact that getting MS CRM 1.2 up and running and integrated with Exchange server gets me a cool movie date!!! (and I didn’t even have to do it myself) Her passions … the use of technology… Continue Reading →

“accessibility” is really just “usability”

Gizmodo has a great article on how designing for accesibility is nothing more than a prequel to designing for usability … read here. usability accessibility Gizmodo product design

Life begins at 85

    For a Ducati owner, life just begins at 85. Ducati Multistrada Motorcycle


Ok, so this is an idea I had sometime in 2001 … but now with Toyota and GM both trying out such experiements, it’s public enough (meaning: i can’t expect to make a killing licensing this idea … without a… Continue Reading →

There is no spoon. No green dot either

Ok, first off … sorry … that Matrix quote was only put up there to attract your attention. Now, that I’ve apologized … look at this page … First … notice how the pink dots keep disappearing? Then focus on… Continue Reading →

How to ride a horse?

So, Surabhi and Sameer are chatting about Horse riding … and Surabhi asks Sameer “Do you know how to ride a horse?” Sameer, ever the smart-aleck, replies “Whats in riding a horse, you sit on it, and it rides itself”… Continue Reading →

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