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October 2005

Creativity and Personal Mastery: now at LBS

Update to this previous post about Creativity and Personal Mastery by Dr. Rao: Looks like people who want to take this course have another choice … London Business School, according to this article from the Times. To quote … “Yet… Continue Reading →

Corporations of the Future

I have come to believe that how, in the past, large corporations were needed to overcome the costs of retaining talent, overcome the complexities of a logistics infrastructure to bring together raw materials and get to market finished products –… Continue Reading →

The big tabloid

Ok, so Surabhi and I are having discussions about what good are tabloids for … (for the sake of this post read Tabloid as Sensationalist, Yellow journalism, etc) Later in the discussion she raises the question … the British have… Continue Reading →

Experience before a startup: Opposite but not wrong

Rick Segal recently interviewed former Microsoft employees on their way to greener pastures and/or their own startups. I look at his article from a different point of view. Whats a better way to go? First working in a bigger corporation,… Continue Reading →

Apple FrontRow vs. Windows Media Center

Ok, so Apple goes ahead and releases a single software that pretty much undermines most of the push behind Microsoft’s Media Center Edition of Windows XP. WooHoo! I could almost go ahead and whisper that Apple copied M$, but wait… Continue Reading →

IIPM: get a REAL legal advisor

Recently, a non accredited private money making office school in India emailed legal notices to a few bloggers asking them to stop linking to articles exposing their incorrect marketing tactics. IIPM, go get a REAL legal advisor so you understand… Continue Reading →

Oily trackball ball

Ok, so I let a specific someone use the trackball on my computer, while they were moisturizing/oiling their face/hair. And now I’m stuck with an overly oily trackball ball. This sucks. You know who you are … :-( Time to… Continue Reading →

666 emails … somebody get me a time out!

Too many emails to read, sort through, and then store … can I, may I, should I, what if I, just click on delete all?!! Oh, and it is 666 … so might be I should just let them be… Continue Reading →

10 things to buy second-hand and survive!

I recently read this article about atleast 10 types of things you don’t need to buy brand-new. I’ve done a few of them myself . 10 things you shouldn’t buy new – MSN Money Central (also read this second one)… Continue Reading →

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