It’s been a hectic few months at my companies (MindPillar and Adeena). New developments … new people, new issues, new projects, new season, many conferences and still a lot of hard work.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the personal/business dynamic that comes from having 3 partners often having very differing viewpoints. And thats after I define it as a good thing.

It’s often noticed how business partnerships either lead to hits (Google, Microsoft, HP) or complete failures (6 out of 7 startups shut-down in their first year, though some do for other reasons too).

In all this mess, it’s interesting (to me atleast) how me and my business partners can take a topic, fight about it for a while, end up trying sell and out-sell each other, bid and out-bid each other and generally act as far extreme as possible. However, what makes it all worthwhile is that at the end of the day there is a simple idea helping us decide … this is not personal, it’s business. And what is the best thing for the company?

Ho…Hum… Another day, another discussion, another profitable resolution!