Update to this previous post about Creativity and Personal Mastery by Dr. Rao:

Looks like people who want to take this course have another choice … London Business School, according to this article from the Times.

To quote …

“Yet afterwards I started to challenge my assumptions and look at career paths in a different way. I changed my approach to career search. Every application that I submitted after the course got me through to the final round.” Asbjornsson now works in London for Marakon Associates, the management consultants.

Asbjornsson is a CPM alum.

If you read the entire Times article, you will understand why imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

On a personal note: I’ve not been keeping up the excecises taught in this course. And I can feel the difference, falling back into the pre-course rut. Gotta get back on track.

Creativity and Personal Mastery