Rick Segal recently interviewed former Microsoft employees on their way to greener pastures and/or their own startups.

I look at his article from a different point of view.

Whats a better way to go? First working in a bigger corporation, gaining a ton of experience, saving up enough money over the years to fund your startup, making sure you have enough former peers in the industry to make your startup a well marketed success … or … starting up your company with nothing more than a college degree, having ultimate faith in your mental and physical abilities*, not being burdened by having been a employee for soo long that you forget what being a boss feels like?

Feels like a messy choice.

I’ve had to juggle this issue early on from the day I thought about starting my own company (now MindPillar and Adeena) vs. polishing up my resume and going to numerous interviews post-graduation.

* Put in enough all-night code-a-thons and you know it’s about the body being sound too.

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