I recently read this article about atleast 10 types of things you don’t need to buy brand-new.
I’ve done a few of them myself .

10 things you shouldn’t buy new – MSN Money Central (also read this second one)

Some things I got recently that weren’t brand-new …

  • Books (tons of them, all the time)
  • The original GameBoy (added to my collection)
  • The original Apple Newton
  • My first car

Some things I would never buy second-hand (or third- or fourth-, ….)

  • Keyboards, Mouse, Trackball
  • Clothes, Shoes, anything I will wear
  • Anything I really want as a gift (see Ducati, below)
  • Most gifts (unless it happened to be an antique, etc)

So, anything you bought recently (or ever) that happened to work just as good even though it wasn’t brand new?