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Month October 2005

You’ve been dugg

Everyone (ok, all techies) remembers the Slashdot effect: it’s when your website makes it to the front page of slashdot and instantly causes a gazillion people to come and check it out. Best case scenario … your server holds on… Continue Reading →

Delhi blasts: WTF

This is the f***ing limit … right on the weekend before Diwali … what the hell is going on? All of a sudden, my stance against the war-on-terror has changed … overnight. You* don’t f*** around with the joy and… Continue Reading →

Hosted Office: Hogwash

Ok, so the ZDNet blog has an article in which they quote a M$ insider that Office 13 (not the upcoming version, but the one after) will be web-based like the’s and the WordPress’s and the NetSuites of the… Continue Reading →

PR for Cottonians

All ye Cottonian CS students … Goto this page and search for “Rao”. Any Cottonians rememeber? Kinda cool, huh?! Update: Website address to above page has changed to this.

Random Thoughts

Thanks for including me in your blog vb. This will be fun!

Making the case for invite-only alpha’s

Ever since GMails’ invite only beta release, you see a ton more companies trying out an invite-only alpha/beta release. Obviously, it does two immediate things … 1) Generates buzz surrounding your product/website … “It’s cooler simply because it is invite… Continue Reading →

App Screenshots and Website Live Demos

If you or your company is launching a desktop/mobile software product without Screenshots available on your website or launching a web based service (Blogging tools, CRM, Forums, etc) without a LIVE Demo of it on your website that allows me… Continue Reading →

LIVE Conference Blogging: HHGFAA in Washington, DC

LIVE blogging from the Household Goods Forwarders Association of America (HHGFAA) Conference and 43rd Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. I’m here representing Adeena at booth #822. It’s already been a hectic morning, with a 7:30am start and huge crowds visiting… Continue Reading →

Addictive Gravity Game

AWESOME. Short post … i’m going back to playing Gravity. Gravity Game

Small Business Partnerships: Communication is key

It’s been a hectic few months at my companies (MindPillar and Adeena). New developments … new people, new issues, new projects, new season, many conferences and still a lot of hard work. One thing that hasn’t changed is the personal/business… Continue Reading →

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