This is the final part of a post I made a few weeks ago, here

It’s got just two wheels, is italian, bright yellow, looks incredible and eats other bikes on the road for a pre-breakfast snack!!!
Surabhi and I got ourselves a brand-new Ducati Multistrada 620 (the 2006 model, mind you).

Surabhi - Ducati Multistrada 620

Thats Surabhi on the bike. She is missing a jacket because it’s so tough to get decent women’s bike jackets in the right colors, size, fitting and price.
However, the search is still on. If you know of any good jackets for ladies (or a store that sells ’em) please let me know.

Vinit - Ducati Multistrada 620

Thats me on the bike, in my blue jacket. Surabhi choose the blue jacket for me.

At first I wasn’t sure how the blue jacket would look on a yellow bike, but it turns out, most people I spoke to liked the colours (or their contrast, to be specific). Remind me to not argue with Surabhi about her colour choice in the future.

Ducati Multistrada 620 - A good side view of the bike

This is a stock photo of the bike, taken from ducati’s website.

The Multistrada has won rave reviews since it’s launch in 2003 as a 1000cc model. In 2005, they came out with a more agile 618cc model better attuned for beginner riders and those in crowded areas (NYC/NJ). Thats the one we got!

Read more reviews here and check out the awards this bike got too.