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Month September 2005

Our new Ducati!!!

Surabhi and I got ourselves a brand-new Ducati Multistrada 620 (the 2006 model, mind you!).
It’s got two wheels, is italian, bright yellow and eats other bikes on the road for a pre-breakfast snack!!!

Int’l Talk like a Pirate day: Sept 18th

So BoingBoing states yesterday was the Talk like a Pirate day. Brought back fond memories of a QuickBasic program I had written a long time ago (obviously anything I wrote in QuickBasic was a looooooong time ago). It took a… Continue Reading →

Microsoft PDC:free tickets for the wrong guys

The problem with tech events such as the recently concluded Microsoft PDC is the lack of access to the people who want to learn the most. AJAX based web multi-IM client is a pretty snazzy new multi-IM client (meaning, it works with AOL, Yahoo, MSN and ICQ) on the same system. I really like the clean interface and the simplicity makes you think, bloatware really is out! (Well, I had… Continue Reading →

Have guitar, will rock: Dalai Lama

VB: you want to go ? Vatsa: heh, what would I do with the Dalai Lama? Vatsa: if he strapped on a pair of guitars and sung rock songs, I’d go. This, as we chatted about the Dalai Lama giving… Continue Reading →

My birthday at the US Open: Bhupati, Davenport, Agassi

Had a terrific birthday blast by watching some of my favourite tennis players all on the same day! Yup, Surabhi and I were there for the US Open, day 10, on 7th September 2005 at the Arthur Ashe Stadium. We… Continue Reading →

Katrina: American racism in the news

Look at the two stories below … Notice something hurtful … shocking … stupid … Yes, these were not written by the same person, or even the same agency. However, whoever wrote them still knew what they were writing about…. Continue Reading →

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