This has been a very active year for Adeena. We first launched a Microsoft .Net version of our flagship Vantrax Sales and Estimating suite for the Moving and Storage industry. This new version of pocket pc based software runs circles around the competition (who currently don’t even have .net support planned, much less available).
With this new version of the software, Adeena now supports the latest hardware available and also allows for some really interesting new features such as dynamic HTML printing, automatic web updates, voice recorder functionality to take on-site customer notes and unlimited custom items and rooms for inventory builder.

Adeena always supported AMSA’s 400N tariff, and now they we have gone a step further and fully support Allied’s TPG (Total Price Guarantee) tariff. This allows Allied affiliated trucking companies to work with the latest and greatest products to make their life easier and bring more clients in.

Keep watching out for the next few months, as we release many more features and provide unexpected yet delightful ways to make our customer’s life easier.