Surabhi and I spend some time searching for decent bikes and finally, yesterday, got really cool bikes for ourselves.
Considering these are our first bikes in america and the first in a very long time (almost 10 years) we decided to go medium-budget and get the hang of biking around NYC before we went on to more serious stuff.

Surabhi had been eye-ing bikes for about 4 years now, and I had to make a tough choice between Roller Blades (that I really like, and she cannot stand in) and bikes. In the end, I decided that I’d rather get bikes than have to teach her how to roller-blade properly. Sorry, I’m not among those who like to see friends with broken noses. Esp. the cute ones :-p

Funnily, we could get tons of great bikes everywhere, but had to visit Target, K-Mart, Walmart before we could find a bike rack for the car at Modells. Everywhere else, it was out of stock!

Click below to view photos from the first day, spent in Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ.
Stayed in the park till 8pm. Here is a GMap of our ride!!!

New Bikes: on Car Trunk mounted racks/stands

Thats the bikes being loaded on the car for the first time.
It’s a pretty terrifying thing, to drive around (in NJ, no less) with the car getting about 3 feet longer and 2 feet wider. Luckily, most other cars on the road give you enough extra room to move around! Still, I stayed in the right-most lane, just in case!

All in all, the bike rack is pretty sturdy. I got a 3-cycle rack, in case another friend wants to tag along with their bike.

New Bikes: Liberty State Park: Southern edge, overlooking Bayonne Port

Liberty State Park has tons of places to sit and enjoy the view. This one does not look out towards NYC, instead south of NYC, towards Bayonne port.

New Bikes: Liberty State Park: Great day, great ride

The light-sky-blue bike is Surabhi’s. I got the deeper blue one.
(Not that we had a choice, these were the last two female and male models available)
I’m just glad the last male model they had wasn’t bright pink or horrendous green. :-)

New Bikes: Liberty State Park: Great day, great ride