Whoever thought you need to get away from India to get the latest gadgets doesn’t know whats cooking circa 2005.

I landed in Bangalore to find myself owning a brand new K750 from Sony Ericsson.

Needless to say it’s a great new phone with all the right tools in it’s size.

Check out it’s preview over at InfoSync.

It’s 2.0mp camera with Auto Focus is a joy to take pictures with. Also, armed with my (currently paltry 512mb Memory Stick Pro Duo) it’s rock solid for music and media stuff.

So far, my only issue with it … the built-in FM software will NOT play without the headsets attached … the headsets act as the antenna of the device. I mean, why put in a software lock on this functionality? If I get lower FM reception due without the headset cable, let me know. But don’t BLOCK the radio software from starting at all!

Also, a minor home/office related issue … this uses a new kind of connector, so I cannot share chargers with my friends/roommates/co-workers with older (even T610) model SonyEricsson phones.

All in All, this Phone ROCKS!!!

It doesn’t have any 3G support, but I think I am a little tooo dependent on my oh-soo-very-small IBM x31 for that kind of stuff. All in all, i’m a happy happy happy gadget freak!