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Month July 2005

Real-world, business uses for Tablet PCs

In the last few weeks, I’ve been on the borderline, deciding on getting myself a tablet pc. Why didn’t I get one earlier? After all, my biz partner Piet has been using a TravelMate C100 for over a year. I… Continue Reading →

Windows vs. *nix: all over again

First, we saw the MacOS go the *nix route to make sure it go strong enough to compete with Windows. (not strong in terms of features, etc – but strong in terms of support and independent developer backing) Then we… Continue Reading →

Got new bikes!

Surabhi and I spent some time searching for decent bikes and finally got ourselves cool bikes!!

Simple, Collaborative debugging

How many times have you had to copy/paste code into a chat session? or had to email files? Try out PasteBin … it incredibly simple and extremely useful. Lets you just paste code online, and then other users can easily… Continue Reading →

Compare: HP and GM

HP is getting to be more and more like the GM of the computing world.

Google maps: Put your calendar online

How about this, you are going for a holiday, or a very active weekend, and need to let a select set of people know your schedule and locations … a good way would be to send out a mass email,… Continue Reading →

Surabhi gets her copy of the Half Blood Prince

After spending time with me waiting for the Sony PSP … it was now payback for Surabhi … I was dragged, kicking, screaming and generally not very interested to the launch of Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince… Continue Reading →

Indian Spy Plane!

Might be I was the last one to know, but now I finally do.

Creativity and Personal Mastery: Prof. Srikumar S Rao

Just completed a condensed version of Prof. Rao’s course titled Creativity and Personal Mastery. Single-handedly changes my decision of going to Harvard vs. Columbia for further education.

My new Sony Ericsson k750i

I got my hands on a refreshingly awesome K750i from Sony Ericsson!

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