FDA Advisory Committee.com calls it a drug for self-identified african-americans.

The problem: african-americans are not a RACE. Africans, yes. Blacks, yes. Not African-americans. Also, what makes self-identified african americans a valid medical description? Can a Jewish person self-identify himself/herself on a piece of lewgal paper and get treated under the valid tests conducted for this drug?!!! A japanese, chinese or Indian?! After all, the americans, in their misplaced sense of proving equality through politically correct means, have left even such commonsense and scientific decisions to the hands of untrained racial experts … the common man. When you call a kettle a kettle, then lets clearly say that a race is based on genetic history and color … because it is.

Times, UK
Also, I believe this article raises a good question, in the incorrect context.

On the other, many antiracists want to ban race-based research entirely for fear of its social consequences

I believe that just because this first drug by NitroMed was made for black people, it does not mean that all drugs will be designed for the all races equally. Now, there will be no argument left if the next 50 race-targetted drugs are ALL made for white people? After all, this is capitalism, not medicine.

Today, at least, the drugs were equally available to all humans. But in the future, I can already imagine a black person not being able to get a specific drug because it was designed for white people and needs more analysis for blacks, asians and others. So a white man in the city can be saved, but his black neighbor is not eligible.

Great work, idiots!