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Month June 2005

Rice, the ignorant.

So Rice thinks the N Korean leader isn’t sane? Well, I’ve got news for the stupid old fart that she is … just because you work for an idiot … doesn’t mean others aren’t sane. Also, saying things like this… Continue Reading →

BiDil: Treats medical issues only for specific races?

FDA Advisory calls it a drug for self-identified african-americans. The problem: african-americans are not a RACE. Africans, yes. Blacks, yes. Not African-americans. Also, what makes self-identified african americans a valid medical description? Can a Jewish person self-identify himself/herself on… Continue Reading →

B’lore next stop!

Next stop on my road to recovery from a year full of work, stress and excitement … some off time in good old B’lore!!! Here’s a good old Swalpa adjust maadi to all the people waiting for me!

Gregory Colbert’s Ashes and Snow, New York

Surabhi and I finally went to Gregory Colbert’s Ashes and Snow exhibit in New York City’s Pier 54. If you notice the shipping containers in the image … those are the walls of the temporary, moving, exhibition hall specially designed… Continue Reading →

T-Mobile Customer service rocks!!!

As many frequent readers of this blog will know, I have never had major cell phone related issues (coverage or billing or otherwise) thanks to the excellent customer service provided by T-Mobile. And today I read J.D.Power’s wireless customer care… Continue Reading →

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