Here was the snapshot of the weekend starting …19th May, midnight, to 23rd May early morning!

Actually, it started on Wednesday night … we went for a 12:20 (midnight) show to watch Star Wars (I’m a big fan).
Got home after dropping everyone else by 5am.
Slept. Went to work. Partied.
Slept. Went to Work.
Slept. Woke up late for a friend’s daughters birthday party … she’s only 6 and is an incredible artist … made me feel like a minor chicken scratch artist!
Had a late 4pm lunch with friends, went to another friend’s home for dinner … played a funky card-game till 11:30, got home, packed, left for Univ. of Virginia for Sulove‘s graduation at exactly 12:00 midnight!
Drove and got to his place around 6:00 am.
Slept from 7 am to 9am. Woke up, went to his graduation … had a late lunch, around 4pm (Atomic Burritos in Charlottesville, Va is a great place to eat!), then started to drive back … got stuck in major traffic with everyone else trying to get back to DC or wherever the heck they came to the graduation from … came back to his apartment after being on the road for 45 minutes … got directions to get to I-95 using a road less travelled!

This is where the REAL adventure started!!!
We drove through some really cool back-roads through farmlands … with cows, haystacks, etc, etc!!! It was simply awesome!
And even though it was through farms, the roads were pretty good and clear, so had a great drive with the windows down and semi-warm air blasting into the car!!
Took about 20 pit stops just to look at various funny things!!! Including a 007 Cafe/Bar (yup, a Bond fan too!)

Surabhi drove through Delaware and NJ and made it home miraculously without any speeding tickets …! I just love the fact that my girlfriend can give me a run for my money when it comes to maintaining a good speed on highways!
Got home at 2am.
Slept and ready for office at 8am.

Ahhh!!! Still makes me feel that I am capable of tackling those college freshmen and their all-nighters (not the studious ones, but the ones you pulled in the first week of the semester!!!)

Others might ask for a vacation after this vacation … but this is what I refer to as “feeling recharged”.