This saturday, 7th May, Surabhi’s and my parents finally met in New Delhi.
Papa and mummy had just come back from Kanpur (Ansu’s engagement to Sandeep) and had a 1-day stop in Delhi.

So they ended up inviting Surabhi’s parents over to Kamal kaka’s apartment in Gurgaon.

If you think Surabhi and I were stressed, sitting here in Jersey City, NJ and just being able to twiddle our thumbs waiting to hear what happened (after they met and all!) … you don’t know the half of it.

We were actually at Fehmida’s wedding in Suffern, NY when we knew that they had met. So we immediately called then up.
Surabhi spoke with her parents first and then i spoke with my parents.

It’s been almost a week since, and none of us have been recalled back to our respective homes, so I’m guessing the future should be full of joy and happiness!