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Month May 2005

Weekend @ UVA in Charlottesville, VA

Spent this last weekend at Univ. of Virginia’s campus in Charlottesville, VA. Sulove finally graduated!

The 5 day weekend – including work!

Here was the snapshot of the weekend starting …19th May, midnight, to 23rd May early morning! Actually, it started on Wednesday night … we went for a 12:20 (midnight) show to watch Star Wars (I’m a big fan). Got home… Continue Reading →

Weekend in Chicago!

Spent the last weekend in Chicago and Urbana-Campaign. Great places, great people!!!

Our parents finally met!

This saturday, 7th May, Surabhi’s and my parents finally met in New Delhi. Papa and mummy had just come back from Kanpur (Ansu’s engagement to Sandeep) and had a 1-day stop in Delhi. So they ended up inviting Surabhi’s parents… Continue Reading →

Zapatec menu Designer!

Recently hit across a very very simple and elegant way to design Javascript (DHTML?) menus using a wizard interface. The guys over at Zapatec have done an excellent job with the Javascript Tree and made life easier for tons of… Continue Reading →


I thought Cliffnotes were really short summaries. Then I hit upon Book-A-Minute Incredible fun. And something you can present to your literature teachers when you next meet them!!!

Parking spot bulldozed

Parking spot bulldozed Originally uploaded by vinitb. You come home at night hoping to compete for a parking spot with a bull dozer?? Thats my “usual” parking spot (see the parking meter?) … taken up by a bull dozer :-(

Tablet PC gets a good college-application

JK, over at jkOnTheRun writes about Lecture Recorder a nifty application that both records the lecture and provides an interface to add notes in real time. Sure you can do this with a simple audio recorder and OneNote, but looking… Continue Reading →

Mobile devices need to target beyond the casual customer

Mobile device makers just don’t get it … we need more RAM in these devices

Anti-Pollen Fabric

Gizmodo writes of a new Anti-pollen fabric being tested/released in Japan. With the way this allergy season’s looking so far, I NEED THIS FABRIC. I know it’s not a 100% cure, but at this point, i’ll take what I can!… Continue Reading →

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