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April 2005

Another crashed Windows kiosk

Continuing the list of crashed windows devices … here is a kiosk maintained (?) at Popeye’s fast food locations. This one was spotted in Newport mall. Funnily, someone started Solatire on this. Makes for good waiting while your friends are… Continue Reading →

More Wacky Book titles!

You can Make It Without A College Degree

Hanuman: On his car?!

This cool dude has Hanuman on his number-plate (license plate). Dunno who owns the car. Was parked on the street.

BMW crash in front of my apartment!

I would have forgotten this, if not for Suramya’s reminder. A few weeks ago, a car crashed in front of our apartment … We live on the ground-floor (american 1st floor) and a 2004-ish black 5-series BMW crashed and stopped… Continue Reading →

The April Fool’s prank that got me!

I usually visit Slickdeals.net. Today I noticed a new topic in the forum, titled “ Tiger direct loses rebate lawsuit – forced to pay all rebates submitted since 2000” Now, tigerdirect is well known to have issues (to put it… Continue Reading →

Linkedin, Orkut, now Yahoo 360: Move my friends?

How do you migrate your “friend” ecosystem from one network to another?

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