Msource BPO employees steal 350k from customers who called in to support!

Msource was managing the call center operations for CitiBank. Recently, police uncovered a security breach that led to 12 employees (ok former employees!) being arrested for transfering money from clients’ accounts to their own accounts after they found their customer contact info. through tech support calls.

I believe this is a sign of things to come.

However, I know the rest of the media outlets will look at this as insecurity surrounding outsourcing.
Blaming this on the “employees” is like blaming Sept 11th on the bad people on the airplanes.
Sure they did the deed, but then, if you want to blame them for all of it, then why go after the others?
Lack of policies and procedures made that happen.

Same with this organized racket. Given enough freedom, bad elements will arise and take advantage of lax security.
It’s the lack of companies to use better and stronger processes to manage client information and provide for organized real-time auditing.

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