I would have forgotten this, if not for Suramya’s reminder.

A few weeks ago, a car crashed in front of our apartment … We live on the ground-floor (american 1st floor) and a 2004-ish black 5-series BMW crashed and stopped about 2 feet from our front wall. This wall borders the street and our living room (where I had gone to sleep not 10 minutes ago).

How the car looked AFTER the accident …

BMW - After the accident/crash

Here is the damage to my building …

Damage to my building

Funny thing … I didn’t hear ANY of it at all.
Surabhi, Suramya and Akhil ended up coming from suramya’s room at the farthest end of the house and woke me up!

This crash happened about 5 feet from my head … there was a 6×6 sqr foot window 2 feet from my head … and I hear nothing ?????

Now THAT is scary!

Look at this photo below — notice HOW close to my window the car came to a stop after the accident …

Car crash right outside my window, literally

What is really scary/funny about this is that just a few days before this, I had dreamt that a car crashed into the wall of my apartment and the entire wall was torn down and we have to evacuate because it was so frickin’ cold.