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Month April 2005

When money comes before friendship/family

Had a decent chat with Vivek today, about how he does not want to pay the $50 for his piece of the bunk-bed cost. His excuse is that he had been contemplating moving out for a few weeks now, so… Continue Reading →

Podcast: Radio Stations

Update: Scary, Wired published this 2 days after I wrote this entry I was just reading the Cluetrain Manifesto and got a idea related to Podcasting and radio shows! Whats stopping XM (or Sirius) from lanuching a Podcasting channel on… Continue Reading →

Private Post # 1: finally

Finally, got enough going on to start writing private posts. If I recall, I started my first blog, called Future History on blogger as an attempt to outline my current state of mind, that could be read in my future… Continue Reading →

Processing: a programming language for graphics

I’ve always felt the certain void (ok, since I moved from QBasic to VB and C++) of a programming language that made graphics design through logical programming an effortless and immediately visible task. No mucking around with various libraries, no… Continue Reading →

Phantom comics online: legal or not, i don’t care!

The original Phantom comics, as printed in India in the 80’s … scanned and online … I usually get stuff online legally (even music, scary, right?!) But this once, due to King features’ stupidity of not making them available… Continue Reading →

The original “keyboard”

Here is the original keyboard, the first ever!!!

Citibank and Msource BPO have identity theft/security woes!

Msource BPO employees steal 350k from customers who called in to support!

Wi-fi now a required feature to “wait”

Like people have issues staying in hotels without hot water. Like how I have issues staying in hotels without free breakfast. Like how I have issues staying in hospitals at all. It comforting to know that others (ok, scoble) have… Continue Reading → stops new registrations: stupid reasoning! stopped accepting new registrations because they are in the process of completing their acquisition by CNet and integration with WebShots. Their reasoning for this lame act is extremely hilarious. (read here Their excuse: Potential new users will be… Continue Reading →

Google BUG: search for vinit-bhansali

Google Groups tries to auto-correct your search, but does too much of it

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