Finally, after months of waiting, tons of thinking, loads of saving, i got my hands on a Sony PSP.

Sony had a decent launch event in New York City that wasn’t helped by two things
(a) Carson Daly
(b) Bad weather with rain, snow, etc.
Still deciding what was worse. I kinda enjoy the snow (sometimes).

Overall, I liked the idea of having decently nice looking and scantily clad ladies toting demo PSP’s tied to their wrists. To try out a demo of a game, you first hunted around for a lady that had a PSP with that title UMD … and looked good, then went up to her and said, “let me try you”!! hehe, kidding, but tons of guys had a good time. What sucked was the part where you had to HUNT for the right games. They didn’t have demo units with all the launch titles but enough for me to decide on Wipeout Pure. I would have liked to see a demo of Ridge Racer to make a better call.

Playing on PSP Demo units at PSP launch party
Playing with PSP’s at the launch round-table
Got my OWN PSP on 24th March 2005 in NYC
Got my OWN PSP on 24th March 2005 in NYC

Somehow, I ended up standing in like behind two guys who ALREADY had PSP’s. One had a Japanese import and the other chap turned out to be someone who wrote for Maxim mag’s gaming column and had a demo copy. How crazy is this, I’m in line, like 497 other people who don’t have access to a PSP, waiting at midnight to get one, and these lucky schmucks are playing Twisted Metal against each other using PSP’s ad-hoc wi-fi mode.

Still, the entire experience was worth it for me, and thanks to Surabhi for two things …
(a) Hanging out with nerdy-ole-me till late at night.
(b) For PAYING for it!!!

Playing on PSP Demo units at PSP launch party

Some days, I can eat my cake and have it too!!!!!

tears of joy