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Month March 2005

Santosh’s Magic Slate

Santosh’s Magic slate! Nice, simple tricks with javascript. Quickly start typing in the text-area and see the fun unfold. *Spoiler/Note: You might need to know hindi!

Got my Sony PSP @ NYC Launch Party!

Got my Sony PSP at the New York City launch party, around 1am on 24th march

If only the Mahatma could communicate like this!

Don’t get me wrong. This advert. of Mahatma Gandhi’s messages broadcasted on today’s high-speed and multi-device networks is just a very fulfilling visual of how many of us would like to have seen the world proceed in a different manner!… Continue Reading →

Cottons: When 14.4kbps was enough!

Days in Bishop Cottons, when someone’s 14.4kbps modem was too much bandwidth!

Specific Posts Targetted for Comment/Trackback spam

I’ve noticed, over the last few months, that only a few of my posts get hit with comment/trackback spam on a regular basis. For example, this post, titled Post Popup-blocker popup gets hit by trackback/comment spam on a daily basis… Continue Reading → for half-baked ideas! an outlet for your half-baked ideas

Text to Image: Find and display text-like images

Website shows an picturized view of text you type.

Love in the time of Hookups

Has love, or more importantly romance lost it’s place? Luckily, i don’t feel so.

NYTimes on Indian Food: Chaats in mid-town manhattan

NYTimes writes on the next indian food craze in the US: Chaats – essential Indian snacks

Sulover on Genetically-modifiedM foods

Sulover writes on Genetically modified food and american indifference

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