Google debuts Google Video

Might be it sucks that I don’t watch enough TV, or importantly enough, don’t remember lots of lines from TV episodes or news-shows. Still, I am sure there are a ton of people out there who would love to finally put to use all those lines they memorized from their favourite episodes over the years.

Some cool features beyond the coolness of it all …

Once you search for something, click on the search results. This does not take you to a different company website, rather keeps you within Google Video with a cool side-bar that lists show timings and upcoming episodes (in your zip code).
Also, the main content of this “detailed search results” page shows exactly where in the episode(s) were the words spoken, including the time. So for example, you will see your search term highlighted and under the heading, and exact hour/minute into the show when this line was spoken.

Also, you can search for shows by title, using something like title:stargate atlantis (doesn’t give anything) or title:stargate (only about SG-1) or title:star trek (gives tons of info)

Also, you can search for content within a certain channel, by using the channel: tag.

Best of all, they are hinting at providing Video Playback sometime in the future. How? Legal issues? Awesome!

Read about this at the Google Video help site

Sucks that none of my search terms gave any valid results.
Google, usually, early adopters = sci-fi fans.
And in the realm of TV shows, Star Trek kind-of defines sci-fi to the layman.

Yes I’m a trekkie, but not enough to quote everything from memory, except for “Resistance is futile” and “we are the borg” and “you will be assimilated”.

Still, for a beta, great so far.
What i’d love … Google Video expanding to include lines from movies and lyrics from songs!!!