My high-school buddy Ashish Jain finally got cornered by married to Deepthi on the 15th Jan 2005 in Bangalore.

I got lucky enough to have my comrade in million-jokes-a-day, Arwind to wish the couple on my behalf and provide me (you?!) with the necessary tid-bits of Ashish’s traditional wedding.

It is always scary when your former classmates start getting serious about life and doing the right thing! I mean, is this the same Ashish who taught me how to ‘bunk’ Math class? Damn, does time move fast!

Arwind has a great blog entry about the wedding (highly biased against the institution of marriage, you have been warned) and here are my thoughts on Deepthi, Mr. Deepthi, their wedding and the awesome Marwari bitte oota (free food, in Kanadda).

Arwind, your recollection of the evening (looking beyond my marwari roots) is exactly how I would have liked to picture it.
Though, one thing … single (bachelor/ette) friends of the bride and groom can very freely and loudly cross over to the other side of the aisle. Thats a known secret in maddu families. And is a tried and trusted method to check how many more weddings they can have happen in as short a time-frame as possible. After all, you realize, retired marwari grand-dads and grand-uncles have little else to keep their health and humour up! Believe me, I know, I am the eldest child in the family, in my 20ies and still single. I thought life was hard, then I happened to meet me!

Funky thoughts aside, I am extremely happy that so many of my old classmates could make it to the wedding. As the years go by, you realize that even though you were born in the age of SMS, emails, websites and blogs … you were also born in the age in globalization and careers spaning numerous cities, states and continents. Many people who we can always chat with don’t happen to even meet in real-world. It’s great to know we can still actually meet and sit around a table and talk up old times.

Arwind … I need tons of photographs (photos, pics, images, etc etc) of the wedding a detailed list of who showed up. I don’t think I can place names to faces on more than a handful.