I believe Amazon and their one-click donation started it.
Apple followed up on it.
Microsoft, as usual, did a better job than Apple, but after a while.
IBM, as usual, still doesn’t get it.
Oracle, as usual, cannot spare real-estate beyond the Peoplesoft deal.
Walmart, as usual, offers it to you, but only with one brand (Red cross?!)
Samsung, as usual, doesn’t want to link to it, least someone blames them.
Ford, as usual, just talks about it’s heritage and brand.
GM, as usual, put in enough to keep moving.
Virgin, as usual, is a pedestal for Branson next quest. Hope it includes south-east asia and relief.
FedEx, as usual, is low-key in approach, but hugely helpful.

Here ends my recap of how some of the big corporate houses are responding to the urgency in the Indian Ocean countries.