This holiday weekend finally let me get some active stuff done.
I made changes to WordPress’s import-livejournal.php script to allow importing all your comments from Livejournal.

Previously, this script (shipped with WordPress v1.2.2 that I use) only allowed you to read in the Livejournal entries into your WordPress site. With my changes, it now reads in all comments from your Livejournal too.

1) Extends existing functionality, to read in all comments from Livejournal posts.
2) All commenting user URLs are auto-redirected to
3) Anonymous livejournal comment URL is left blank (otherwise, LJ user anonymous was getting all the hits)
4) Shows number of comments imported per post.
5) At the end of the import, shows stats on total posts and total comments imported in current session.
(We could extend this to show average comments per post, posts with highest, lowest and median number of comments).

This script is available at