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Month January 2005

Boardgame timeline!

A Timeline of various boardgames over the years!

Doom 3! The boardgame!

There is now a Doom 3 based board game. 2 to 4 players! is now in Beta – online photo collages, limited beta

Suramya on Computer Security vs Usability

Suramya writes about security vs. usability

Google Video

Google debuts Google Video!

Trust ATMs anymore?

ATM Crashed, and left me at a Windows desktop?! Arrrgh!

Ashish’s wedding – notes from he who missed it!

My high-school buddy Ashish finally gets married

Christmas eve on Newark Ave in Jersey City

Christmas eve crown on Newark Ave in Jersey City

Touch Screen Phone/calling card kiosks

Awesome (and cheap?!) new touch screen phone card kiosks

Advice for Computer Science College Students

Joel, over at Joel on Software has a very detailed article about what computer science majors in college should work towards. The article is listed here. Joel says … 1. Learn how to write before graduating. 2. Learn C before… Continue Reading →

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