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December 2004

Google! Suggest!

I! cannot! get! enough! of! Google! Suggest!. It! is! definitely! one! of! the! best! Google! innovations! recently! Y! Y? MSN! MSN?

Blade Trinity and Oceans Twelve

No Spoilers included: I don’t need to spoil two spoilt movies :-(

capital-ism? rock on!

Just got t-mobile to send me a new nokia 6600 for Approx $70 How? Phone cost: $170 2-day Shipping: $15 Total: $185 Bonus: 2 free months = 2 * 50 = $100 Bonus: Free 2-day shipping = $15 Total Bonus:… Continue Reading →

Apple went *nix, not PalmOS?

Apple went ahead with a *nix base. Now it looks like PalmOS will go *nix too! Interesting.

World Aids Day

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