Robert Scoble posts about
Frank Barnako interviewing Forrester analyst Charlotte Li
regarding how Blogs are a good business.

Recently, SILK has been bouncing messages on how to best make money off of blogging and I previously blogged about it too.

However, Charlotte’s views spawned another thought process thread …
Why is blogging and money making related only to content?
Blogging is also a most useful resource as a networking tool.

I believe that another efficient blog revenue model will be based on people who want to …
1.  Read views of influential people
2.  Comment on those views
3.  Be seen as someone commenting on those views (shallow idea, but realistic)
4.  Be seen as someone who is with the ‘in’ crowd

I’ve been accused of doing some of the above. And for networking, went to Scoble’s Geek Dinner in NYC. Again, not saying that I would not have gone had it been a smaller crowd, but it was interesting to know the real person over (very tasty) falafel.

There will be more discoveries and more alterations, but we are adding on items to this list. And that is always a positive sign.