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Month November 2004

Craigslist Bangalore!

Finally! Craigslist is doing the Bangalore gig! One of the best looking URL’s i’ve seen in a while … BLR Rocks!!!

iPod Generations

Finally, there are enough iPods out there for me to create an iPod Generations page


What does your cyborgname stand for? V.I.N.I.T.: Variant Intended for Nocturnal Infiltration and Troubleshooting check yours out at

Blogging as a good revenue-generation model.

Robert Scoble posts about Frank Barnako interviewing Forrester analyst Charlotte Li regarding how Blogs are a good business. Recently, SILK has been bouncing messages on how to best make money off of blogging and I previously blogged about it too…. Continue Reading →

Her “uncommon” girlfriend requests of the day!

Surabhi: Vinit, can you please get another 256mb ram stick for the thinkpad, configure Visual Studio 2003, then check why MS CMS is not working, backup MSDE from my laptop to the SQL server and finally work with me on… Continue Reading →

What I *might* have against LiveJournal …

I’ve been thinking of this for a while (ok, for months now) … why have I not moved away from LJ to an independent blogging medium. One where I do not have to pay to make custom changes and can… Continue Reading →


My college, NJIT just got additional funding for the Smart Gun Project that they have been developing over the last few years. The 1.1 million dollar grant isn’t amongst the largest, but for such a specific state (and not federal)… Continue Reading →

Nokia 3230

Nokia 3230 definitely looks drooliscious. Not comparing it’s features, not comparing it’s internals. It has the looks that first drew me towards t610 (before Tom, dick, harry and amar, akbar and anthony started carrying it). There is something to be… Continue Reading →

Update: Yahoo spam scam to create new (zombie) accounts

The Yahoo spam scam I blogged about here (and created a checker for here) is actually a pretty big deal. Looks like users who go ahead and click on this link, then are prompted with a Obfuscated image that is… Continue Reading →

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