Looks like someone finally went up to the next step of search engines.

http://www.snap.com is the newest creation from Idealab (Personally, I like some of there products, but all of their name).

<< Begin Partial-Review >>

Snap.com provides a search engine with advanced post-search features.
The biggest attraction is the ability to search within your searches.
Also, they use some internal metrics to show site popularity (like Google’s PageRank).

The biggest problem I have is that they use all these cool post-search features BUT on their own mined data.

What I will really like is for them to use their post-search features as a wrapper to Google-based search result-sets.

Of course, I could write in more detail about how Snap.com works and how it compares to other services out there.
And I will. But just not this week!

<< End Partial-Review, wait for the full review @ later date >>