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Month October 2004

Indian National Anthem

Today was my wear-the-Indian-Cricket-team-shirt-to-office day. Needless to say, I got tons of curious looks from both Americans (who didn’t know what it was) and Indians (who didn’t know which match had India won!). Piet, the Bostonian in my office, was… Continue Reading →

Yahoo fake email spoof URL redirection scam

Recently, I’ve been bombarded by emails to my yahoo account supposedly from my OWN yahoo account (from me, to me). The text of the email is … De?ra? Yah?!oo? M?bme?er, We m?su?t che?kc? th?ta? y?ruo? Ya?!ooh? ID was r?tsige?ered by… Continue Reading →

usually don’t post these … but flattery works!!!

How to make a vinit Ingredients: 1 part friendliness 1 part ambition 3 parts instinct Method:Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Add a little curiosity if desired! Username: Personality cocktailFrom

Yoo Hoo! is exactly what i’ve been waiting/thinking of for the last few months. I’ve noticed, I know, but don’t really know the people who live on the other floors of my apartment building. This software allows you to… Continue Reading →

Stateless Linux – Fedora (Redhat)

Redhat fedora developer devel list archive has the first article on a new “philosophy” of Linux builds that they term Stateless Linux. This build of Linux allows for a server to provide application and data services to all other Linux… Continue Reading →

Stinkers! Aren’t we!

A conv. happened to happen on Y! Arvind: btw u have are not logged onto AIM Vinitb:  am Vinitb: am on aIm Vinitb: I am on aIm Vinitb: sorry Vinitb: couldn’t resist Arvind:  i symphatize with ur geek humor

Map this! Finally! A detailed, zoom-friendly mapping service for India! It doesn’t do driving directions (yet!). However, even the idea that such a service is available online and for free is definitely a good thing. A warning though, this service isn’t… Continue Reading →

My other blog

My other blog: is now live. You can read that as Answer EDIT Answered IT Answered it My preference? Do you reallllly care?! is going to become a repository of technical questions that pop-up during my explorations in… Continue Reading →

Women on Ebay?!

Hmm. The thought had previously crossed my mind. (Image provided by Subhi, not me) great flash design

Great flash design. Recently (ok, today) I came across the website of Y&R. Their flash design is definitely commendable. The complex use of flash to provide simplistic functionality is another thread in my thoughts of – the more technology you… Continue Reading →

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