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Month September 2004

Mulk Raj Anand passes away

I only thought good things happen in multiples. Close on the heels of Dr. Raja Ramanna, we also had to witness the demise of Mulk Raj Anand. He passed away on 28th September 2004, in Pune, India. And yes, like… Continue Reading →

Google – the more human approach

Though, definitely not humane. Has it ever happened to you, at least those of you nerdy/geeky enough … A friend/relative has a computer-related problem where the question invariable is like … How do I download … Where do I get… Continue Reading →

Raja Ramanna passes away :-(

Dr. Raja Ramanna passed away today in Mumbai. Besides being the head of the secret (govt.) group that defied third-world rules and made India go atomic in 1974 he was also the head of India’s (then) premier scientific research center… Continue Reading →


To litter is human (c) 2004 Vinit Bhansali

Become a NYC Police officer!

I like NYPD, I mean, even the mean ones. In general, if I could, I would get them to train the pot-bellied cops of Bangalore. But when you get this … you wonder if Bangalore cops should send their IT… Continue Reading →

Gmail mounted as a Linux File System?!!

I’m proved correct again. Gmail isn’t only about a gig of space (anyone can do that) But what makes it cool, and will continue to keep making things cooler is the innovation from individuals that use gmail as a base… Continue Reading →

A woman’s guide to getting her own geek! Subhi spent all of Labor day weekend watching re-runs of TNG and DSN. The only one time it mattered in life, I got lucky!

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