Don’t just pass. Surpass!

I remember this one time, when a friend of mine was high.
He came into my room, and I had this quote on my screen.
He read it. Stared blankly. Look around the room. Read it again, loudly. Asked no one in general, “wtf?”. Then went out of the room.

He comes back, about 30 minutes later. And softly, tells me …
He: Vinit, that is the deepest shit ever
Me: So you were thinking of it for the last 30 minutes?
He: Yes.

Coming from a guy who had more weed than good vegetables in him at the time, I can only try to understand how magnified this quote must have seemed to his brain.

Often times, I wonder how it feels to be high, or even drunk for that matter.
Once, another friend of mine got a book, that clearly stated on the cover “Open only when high”. It was full of images that a normal person would find funny/creative/boring. But if you see it being passed around a room of 10 high-guys, and then listen to your reactions, you’ll realize what details your brain misses out when working at its normal speed.

There is something to be said for overclocking. Silicon or organic.

This is one of my fav. quotes, and woe is me that i cannot cite it correctly. So if you know, you know who to let know.