It took some time, but finally, over the last few weeks I’ve given up any hope of not finding anything on the web. I mean, you search for it, and it’s there.
No matter how individualistic or creative your thought, no matter how specific or detailed your requirement. It seems like there exists atleast ONE other person who has had the same or scarily similar thought.

For example, the woman on the yahoo login pages – i kinda like her looks, and wanted to know if she was on a billboard or something …!
So of course, I Google the thought.

And this smart-ass has an entire article on it/her.

So I guess as long as there exists a few other people who have similar tastes, we will never really be left-out in the current web.

It’s the future, stupid. Live with it.
© 2004 Vinit Bhansali

If you are still reading, I did find one error/incomplete bit in that blog entry … they actually did get a male model to give a silly grin on this page. Corny.