Scenario: Renny has me and Delta Customer Service on a 3-way call.
Scenario: Renny and I are already chatting using instant messenger …

One fine friday evening (ok, tonight), as we tried speaking to Delta Skymiles Customer Service….trying to get tickets (for yours truly) to get home (Bangalore!!!) … and they didn’t have the flights open (i never book 6 months in advance, unlike Renny). So the only other option was …. try another partner airline.
So the lady on the phone tried to transfer us to Virgin Atlantic ….

5 minutes later ….

10 minutes later ….

This is the chat  ……

VB        ARE we still being transferred ??
Renny        dunno
Renny        maybe it’s just you and me?
VB        no, i can hear her typing/sniffing
VB        or is that you ?
Renny        we’re still on 3 way
VB        hahahahahahhaha
Renny        I called myself from the other line
Renny        got voice mail
VB        this is a joke
Renny        so we’re connected to SOMWHERE
VB        u are the telecom guy …
VB        what is this called ?
VB        “dumb person on other end warning” ?
Renny        “dead air”
Renny        or
VB        hahahahaha
Renny        “dead airhead”
Renny        hehe
VB        u kill me, seriously
Renny        stop luaghing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VB        sorrrrry
VB        can’t control
VB        i’m putting u guys on mute
Renny        I think this convo is a good candidate for your blog :-)
VB        OHH< it's going in, for SURe VB        in fact, this is going to get blogged as we speak, or should i say, don’t speak at all

So here it is.

I just finished typing it all, and also finished with Virgin.

So the secret’s out, i’m coming to BANGALORE end August!!!!!!!