If this is right, then it’s very wrong …

Article below states that M$ might be putting in artificial blocks to stop distributed attacks. This is similar to the frustrations with Outlook blocking executable attachments (.exe, .bat, .msi, others). I find this policy of if we can’t fix it, restrict it very stupid. Even though M$ is on my good side, and I think they have intelligent people working for them, these solutions are far from logical.

It’s what I’ve been known to do (hence nick’d KludgeGuru by former roommates). A student doing it for his course-work because it’s due at 8 am and he is starting to code at 7:45 am is acceptable (right?!). M$ doing it for the most widely used desktop OS is insane.

Whats next?
Lets block 3rd party applications that don’t have an “M$” seal of approval?
They already warn you about such device drivers during some installs.

They should fix the OS to maintain system security by making it water-tight, not by putting it in the freezer so water turns to ice and they don’t have to deal with leaks.

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