Everyone knows (well, anyone who worries about SPAM) that many spammers use (ro)bots to go through websites to gather email addresses, so you’ve got to make it harder for them to find your’s.

How do you obscure your email address on a webpage?

1) Put it in with spaces? (billg @ microsoft.com)

2) Put it in the format  billg at microsoft dot com (it reads billg@microsoft.com)  ;-)

3) Make it an image … I do this for MindPillar

4) Make it a form, where people type in the subject and body of the mail? (do it at MindPillar too)

5) Obfuscate it? (the weird/distorted confirmation text when you sign-up for Yahoo or other sites)

6) Any others?

Here is a cool way to obscure your email address on a webpage.
It is a simple javascript tag, and the code is simple …

The javascript function

function setEmail(name, domain) 
  document.location = “ma” + “il” + “to” + “:” + name + “@” + domain;

And then, in the actual line where you want to show your email address …

<a href=”javascript:setEmail(‘name’, ‘domain.com’)”>
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Lots of sites do this now-a-days, but i got the code thanks to Kevin Bell

So, how do you obscure your email address on a webpage?