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Month July 2004

Extreme Golf! Anyone?!

Filed under: Extreme sports Now these smart alecks from Dubai know how to make one’s mouths salivate!!! Golf at the right height! Yes, yes, already added on my 50 things to do before I turn 50.

Don’t just pass. Surpass!

Don’t just pass. Surpass! I remember this one time, when a friend of mine was high. He came into my room, and I had this quote on my screen. He read it. Stared blankly. Look around the room. Read it… Continue Reading →

Recruit this blogger …

Dear Sir, I would like to submit for your perusal some samples of writing that I have penned over the last 23 years. I have excellent grammatical skills and am also skilled in the proper usage of first person and… Continue Reading → … please emerge

At one point, I pointed out that every morning, I read the blog at I then moved on to once every few days, then once a week. Now it’s whenever I have finished most of my other “fav” blogs…. Continue Reading →

What do you blog using?

Chances are, you are using the LJ-Semagic combo (like I do). But if you were using a more open blogging service, that allowed you to put in any formatted file for your blog, what blog software would you use? This… Continue Reading →

Small is soooo in!

Thats it! If anything could make sony feel bad about their already sucky Network Walkman, is what this lil monster can do …

Mossberg murders Sony Walkman! Rightly so!

Walt Mossberg has correctly and definitively erased Sony’s chances of regaining the top mobile music player spot. His scathing preview (on leaves one in little doubt as to the inferior nature of the new Sony iPod killer wannabe. Cons:… Continue Reading →

This amazing web

It took some time, but finally, over the last few weeks I’ve given up any hope of not finding anything on the web. I mean, you search for it, and it’s there. No matter how individualistic or creative your thought,… Continue Reading →

Date Locally?

Location-based adverts are a hit, atleast in the ad-buying market. I know google does it with the ad-words (text words). However, when you try to use static images, it doesn’t always work. For example, these beauties below used to live… Continue Reading →

Gmail POP, now Gmail FTP?!!!

Warning: Geeky/programmer stuff By now, everyone knows I am a gmail fan. Though I don’t know why, I am. I think PGtGM had something to do with it. More Gmail related ideas …. This smart aleck actually used GMail as… Continue Reading →

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